eRate 2018

Request For Bids

Bids are due on Jan. 19, 2018 by 4 PM


All correspondence and inquiries regarding this RFP must be sent via Email to David Moseley:

If a vendor or service provider does not receive a response within three business days, it is the responsibility of the vendor or service provider to call David Moseley at 903-459-3288 x332 and confirm that the email message was received.

All inquiries from service providers and subsequent responses will be posted below. Or use the comment section to post questions.


4 Responses to eRate 2018

  1. From CDI:
    Q. Would you be able to provide us more information on the specs of the products required?
    A. Specs are outlined in RFP, but I can provide specifics via phone and post back to website.

    Q. Are partial submissions accepted?
    A. yes

    Q. Is this bid for new products only? Do we need to be an authorized reseller?
    A. Refurb is okay and nothing is said either way about being an authorized reseller.

    Q. Can refurbs be accepted?
    A. yes

    Q. What kind of warranty coverage/duration do you require?
    A. nothing specified.

    Q. Are there professional services required?
    A. no

  2. From CDI:
    Q. My colleague has asked if you could provide specifics on the required Network Modules? Manufacturer part #s would be greatly helpful.

    A. That depends on the type of switch quoted, but here’s what I can tell you. I need 10GB SFPs with LC connectors for multimode fiber.

  3. From NCS:

    Switch Questions:

    1. Is PoE desired, if so how many ports per switch?
    Yes. All.
    2. How many ports are desired on each switch?
    3. Is there fiber uplinks needed?
    Yes. 2 10GB
    4. Is stacking required on the switches?
    Not required, but if they stack I need stacking cables, if they don’t I need SFPs and fiber cables.
    5. What switches are currently in use?
    Dell N3048P and Brocade ICX7250-48P
    6. What connectors are required? If they are Gbic’s what speed and length?
    SFPs (Gbics) specific to the type of switch being quoted with LC connectors and three foot fiber cables, or those SFP and fiber all in one cables. I’m not sure what they are called, but they are usually a little cheaper than buing two SFPs and a cable.

    Rack Questions:

    1. Two post or four post racks or wall mount?
    1 4 post rack at least 42U and 2 wall mount racks at least 10U all 19″
    2. If four post, does it need to have sides?
    3. What is the desire Rack Height?
    At least 42U. They one I have is 45U. At least 10U for wall rack
    4. Is there cable management requested?
    5. Is there an example part number(s) that could be given?
    6. What depth is required?
    Standard depth or 29-30 inches.

    Wireless Bridge:

    What is the distance and speed required?
    N is fine and the distance is about 500 feet.
    Is there a model number and manufacturer that meet your specifications?
    Ubiquiti NanoStation M5

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