Thanksgiving break extended; School calendar updated

 When the school year started we did not know what to expect.  We set the school calendar being hopeful that we could make it through the first semester with no setbacks due to COVID-19.  We also planned for the unexpected by adding days to the calendar we could work with if need be. The staff and students have been diligent in wearing protective face coverings which has enabled us to be at school every day.  With Thanksgiving around the corner and our school calendar having extra days we can use, the district has decided to begin Thanksgiving break November 16.  We will use this extra time to deep clean the campus to do our part in maintaining the good health of our students and staff.  We appreciate all of the efforts made by each family to keep our community healthy and hope that you can spend this extra time with family.  The school calendar will remain the same upon the return of students on November 30 until Christmas break.  A few changes were made to the calendar in the Spring.  The amended calendar is on the school website.  Students who are taking college classes need to make sure they are following the Paris Junior College calendar and still completing any assignments that are due.   If you have any questions, as always, feel free to call the school.  

Updated 2020-21 School Calendar

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