Request For Bids

Bids are Due Dec 8, 2015 @ 4:00 PM


All correspondence and inquiries regarding this RFP must be sent via Email to David Moseley:

If a vendor or service provider does not receive a response within three business days, it is the responsibility of the vendor or service provider to call David Moseley at 903-459-3288 x332 and confirm that the email message was received.

All inquiries from service providers and subsequent responses will be posted below. Or use the comment section to post questions.

Questions from Service Providers

Q: Do you have preferences for certain brands of switches and wireless equipment? 

A: We currently use Dell switches. They work great. No problems. I would prefer either Dell switches or equipment that would be compatible with our existing Dell switches. We currently use Ubiquiti Unifi access points. We like the system, but the Unifi APs have never worked well with our Acer Chromebooks. This is an ongoing problem. I would like to continue to use our Ubiquiti system with newer APs such as the newer Unifi AC units, if the vendor could verify compatibility with our Chromebooks.

Q: What is your free and reduced percentage? 

A: 64 percent.

Q: Where is the worksheet for Internet access referenced in bid requirements? 

A: It is attached to the form 470 application and it is now linked above.

Q: How many ports do you need on your switches? 

A: Primarily 48 port configurations, but I may need a couple of 24 port options.

Q: Can you post the layouts of your buildings?

A: Links to building layouts posted below:

Questions related to Firewall form 470

Q. How many users are on this network (how many devices connecting to the internet)?
A. We have approximately 325 total including students and staff, but many of the younger grades do not use devices – and certainly not all the time. We do not do 1:1 and do not promote BYOD at this time. WE have approximately 250 computers on campus, including laptops, desktops, chromebooks, Macs, servers, etc. and approximately 50 tablets.

Q. How many and what type of servers do they have (email, web, file etc.)?
A. We have two main servers. One hosts our SIS, the other is our main server for file, print, DNS, AD, etc. I also have another web server that hosts our school website.

Q. What is their internet bandwidth (up and down for total aggregate)?
A. Currently it is 30 up and down, but it will soon be 100 up and down.

Q. Do they have plans for growth within the next few years (growth in number of users or in bandwidth)?
A. We expect small increases in enrollment in the coming years. Enrollment is around 289 as of this writing.

Q. Do they have VPN tunnels to other locations, and if so how many?
A. None at this time.

Q. Do they have remote users logging into their network, and if so how many?
A. None at this time.

Q. How many wireless access points are they looking to support?
A. Approximately 35-40.

Q. Are they considering a High Availability configuration (redundant hardware if network is business critical)?
A. Not at this time.

Q. What does their company do?
A. PK-12 public school.

Q. What are their top security concerns?
A. Content filtering for CIPA and intrusions.


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