Student Portal

Students will use this application to check their Attendance, Grades, make course requests and check graduation plan information



Students can now be registered and enrolled in school online via the Ascender Parent Portal

The following will be required to register new students.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Immunization Record
  • Guardian’s Driver’s License
  • Proof of Residence (such as a utility bill or tax statement

School email accounts

All students in grades PK-12 are assigned a Google email account. Just go to and log in to check your email. Contact Technology Directory David Moseley with any questions.

Google Classroom

Access by Google Classroom at

Microsoft Office 365

All students and teachers can install Microsoft Office 365 on their home computers if needed for school work. Please see this support article on how to download and install Office.

PJC Dual Credit/TSI Information

Dual Credit Courses

Dual credit courses are courses in which students will take on campus with a teacher in the classroom.

The following courses are offered for Dual Credit: English 1301/1302, English 2322/2323, US History 1301/1302, and College Algebra 1314/College Trig 2312 for dual credit.  Miller Grove ISD covers the tuition fees as well as the book cost for dual credit courses.

Concurrent Course

Concurrent courses are courses in which students take online during the normal school day here on campus.

The following courses are offered for concurrent credit: Communication 1307, Art Appreciation 1301, Drama Appreciation 1310, Spanish 1411/1412 (Spanish III), Spanish 2311/2312 (Spanish IV), Speech 1315, Government 2305/2306, Economics 2301, Biology 2301/2302 Lab 2101/2102, Biology 1308/1309 Lab 1108/1109, Psychology 2301, Sociology 1301, Educational Psychology 1300, Computer Science 1301, and Business Computer Science 1305.  Miller Grove ISD does not cover any cost for concurrent courses.


Scholarship Search

NCAA Clearinghouse

Student Survey

McKinney-Vento Posters for Homeless Students