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Minecraft Education

Note this is for software administrators only. Download Minecraft Education from this link: Download Manage subscriptions using the Microsoft Education Store:* *To Reclaim licenses, click Manage, click on Minecraft for Education, then under Users click reclaim license from the

Dictation on School Devices: Using your voice to type, or talk to text

To allow your computer to type what you say, see the following guides on using the built in dictation features for Windows, Apple and Chrome environments. On a Windows computer: On an Apple computer: On iOS devices:

Software available to students for free through Microsoft Imagine Premium

Popular Microsoft software titles including Visual Studio, Windows Server and Windows 10 are available for Miller Grove Students, and Staff, to download and install for free for educational purposes while they are enrolled in school. Go to the link below

Editing Teacher Pages in WordPress

To edit teacher web pages, watch this quick video tutorial to learn how, or to refresh your memory.

Clear browser cache for Google Chrome

If Google Chrome isn’t acting as expected, pages or content on pages aren’t loading, you may need to clear your browser’s cache. This is a quick and simple process. Click the settings icon in chrome (The three vertical dots on

Adding shared school Google Calendars on your iPhone

Miller Grove ISD staff, if you have added your school email account on your iPhone, but don’t see the staff and school calendars in your Calendars app, here is what you need to do: Navigate to the following website: You

How to install A+LS for home

This article will explain how to install the A+ Learning System on a student’s home or personal computer. All lab and classroom computers have an icon for the A+ Learning System at schhol, but our license also allows use of the

How to install Office 365

As part of our Microsoft Agreement, students and teachers are allowed to download and install Microsoft Office 365 Education on a personal computer if needed for school. Please do not abuse this privilege. Here’s how to do it: Go to

How to program your phone

How To Check Your Voicemail: 1. Press the Check Voicemail key or press the Feature button, then 981 2. Enter your password 3. From here you can listen to messages, change your greeting, change your password, etc. To Leave a

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