Barnhill Mobile Zoo visits Miller Grove School

The Barnhill Mobile Zoo visited Miller Grove School on Tuesday, January 5.

From their website at

Barn Hill Preserve’s FREE mobile program consists of one, 45-minute oral presentation on our LIVE animal ambassadors. Our program offers students the unique experience to get up close and personal with animals they may have never seen before! Students participate by asking questions, getting involved in demonstrations, and responding to the speaker, making our program both educational and entertaining!

Our enthusiastic public speakers tailor the presentation to the age of their audience and regulary present to students preK – 12th grade.

Barn Hill Preserve’s exotic animal education program is 100% FREE to both your students and school. We fund our free program by providing students the opportunity to purchase pictures with our live animal ambassadors. These 6×4 photos are $10 each and are taken on our jungle themed backdrop!