Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week October 21-25

This week we will have fun dress up days but please don’t go out and buy special clothes.  We tried to pick themes that everyone could participate in without spending money. This year we are also adding in fun and easy character trait activities that are totally free so even if your child doesn’t dress up they can participate in the character activities. 

Monday, October 21 – REDy to Live Drug Free – Wear RED today!  Students, over the weekend, think about what you want to be when you grow up.  What are your goals? Sit down with your family and talk about what you will have to do to accomplish those goals and become the grownup you want to be!  As a family, or by yourself, make a project that shows your goals and/or future career. This can be a poster, essay, drawing, mobile, or anything you want it to be.  This is totally voluntary and must be done at home. You don’t have to do this but if you do you will earn a small prize and the opportunity to share this in class. Bring your project to school today!

Tuesday, October 22 – Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up – Wear mismatched clothes – Get crazy, wear that orange striped shirt with the floral pants!  Your challenge today is to mix it up at lunch and on the playground by sitting with someone you don’t usually sit by and playing with someone you don’t usually play with!  Get out of your comfort zone and make a new friend today!

Wednesday, October 23 – Color My World Drug Free – Each grade will wear a different color.  PK – yellow, Kindergarten – blue, 1st grade – green, 2nd grade – orange, 3rd grade – purple, 4th grade – white, 5th grade – pink.  Today’s character challenge is to do a random act of kindness.  Hold a door open for someone, help clean up the room before PE, write your teacher a note, buy her a coke!  Look for any opportunity to be kind today! If you can, do it in secret, if you can’t do it in secret, be humble and don’t expect anything in return.   Tonight tell your family about what you did and how people were kind to you! I have a feeling you are going to have a fun day today!

Thursday, October 24 – I’m Too Bright for Drugs – Wear bright colored clothing today.  You can wear your shades too but be careful not to lose them!  Today is Thankful Thursday!  Tell someone thank you today!  Maybe even write a thank you note or two!  Does your mom get up and make your lunch everyday?  Does your dad fix your broken toys? Are your grandparents always up for an adventure with you?  How about school, is there someone there who helps you out a lot whether it be a child or an adult?  Let them know you appreciate them! This will make your day and their day bright!

Friday, October 25 – My Dreams are Too Big to Use Drugs! – Stay in your pajamas all day!  NO SCHOOL TODAY! Your character challenge today is to do something nice for your family!  Make breakfast, clean your room, fold some laundry and don’t fight with your siblings! 

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