Hello! My name is Blake Hill.  I am excited for my third year at Miller Grove.  This is my 10th year in education (8 have been spent here in Northeast Texas).   I will be teaching 7th grade Texas History and 8th grade Social Studies.   I am the Head Girls Basketball and Head Boys Baseball Coach, and will be assisting with Cross Country and Track.

I enjoy being outdoors, attending concerts, pizza/wings, the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, and am a huge Jimmie Johnson (48) fan.

Pictured above:  my Mom (Deanne) and Dad (Mark)

Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Minor in History – Stephen F. Austin State University- 2008

Master of Science in Kinesology, emphasis in Adapted Physical Education/Activity- TWU-Denton-2010

1st Period- Junior High Girls Athletics

2nd Period- Texas History- 7th Grade

3rd Period- US History: Early Colonial through Reconstruction-8th Grade

4th Period- Yearbook

5th Period- High School Boys Athletics

6th Period- 5th Grade PE

7th Period- Junior High Boys Athletics

8th Period- High School Girls Athletics

Believe, Trust, Do!


Miller Grove 8th Grade United States Social Studies

Exploration- Reconstruction

1st 9 Weeks

Unit 1- Colonial Heritage (Ch 1-4)

Unit 2- A New Nation (Ch 5-7)

*10/8-  9 Week Test/Mini-Benchmark (Only questions that we have covered will be graded)

2nd 9 Weeks

Unit 3- New Republic (Ch 8-11)

Unit 4- The Nation Expands (Ch 12-15)

12/4-12/18 Review- America The Story of US to Age of Jackson

9 Week Test=Semester Test/Mini-Benchmark (Only questions that we have covered will be graded)

3rd 9 Weeks

Unit 5- The Nation Breaks Apart (Ch 16-17)

4th 9 Weeks

Roots Project- 3/15-3/26

3/29-4/2- Units 1, 2 Review

4/19-4/22-Units 3, 4 Review

4/26-4/30-Units  5, Bill of Rights Review

5/4-5/7- 8th Science and Social Studies Tests