English 2322 Bonding Project


The college class of English 2322: British Literature was challenged to make a coat of arms for their class as they are reading about Medieval Times. A Coat of Arms is a distinctive shield of a person, family, corporation, or country that has different designs, animals, and colors to represent the dominant characteristics of a group or individual . The class was very excited to plan out how they were going to carry out the design for what they thought their class represented.

Because the class consists of mostly seniors, they decided this could be something that would really show what their class is all about. The first day, the class brain stormed what they thought their identity was and what their traits are. After finding what they wanted on the shield, they were satisfied to see what they stood for.

Senior, Cassidy Seaney said, “It kinda made me happy that our teacher had no opinion because I kinda wanted it to just be ours.”

On the outside of the shield at the bottom is antlers. The antlers represent a hunt. The class colored the antlers purple, which means royalty.

“I like the idea of the antlers because it means we are on a hunt in life and I like the fact that we colored them purple because that means royalty. So basically, whatever we catch at the end of our hunt is going to be grand,” said Alexis Serrano, senior classmate.

Inside of the shield is a cross made up of chains with flowers in the top left and bottom right corner of the cross. The chain represents freedom and individualism and the flowers represent the ones who have conquered. They colored the three-fourths of the shield yellow which represents wisdom and the other one-fourth green for abundance of love and joy.

Natalie White said, “To me it represents our togetherness and devotion towards each other in the classroom.”

Outside of the shield on both sides at the top, there are two hornets. The hornets represent the sweetness of life that we find within our own hearts. The hornet is also significant to the class because that is the school mascot and the hornet will always be apart of them.

“To me the hornets represent us well because we are finding our place in the world right now and we are using our hearts to guide us down the paths to where we want to get to in the future. Along the ride with the senior class we have had a lot of love and found what is true to our hearts.” said Rosa Schones, senior classmate.

The motto of the shield is, “Believe. Trust. Do.”

Cassidy Seaney defines the motto as, “Believe in yourself. Trust in your training. Do your best.”

As the school year is slowly ticking away, the student of the English 2322 class can proudly say that these are the traits that best represent them they prepare to leave Miller Grove to go into the real world and start on their own paths.