SURVEY: Parents, please submit this survey on how your child will attend school

Parents, As we move into one of the most unprecedented school years in history we are working hard to make sure your child(ren) receives the best education possible while keeping your family and our staff safe.  As we are sure you know, you will have a choice this year to send your child to school for face to face instruction or have them receive instruction through an online format.  It is our belief that face to face instruction is the best way possible for a child to learn and we want to see every single one of our students on August 13th..  We also know your family may have circumstances that make online instruction the best choice for you.  We have spent countless hours making plans for both modes of learning.  Protocols for cleaning and child safety are in the works as well as planning for online instruction.  We would like to give Governor Abbott and TEA a little more time to release more instructions and information before we release a detailed plan to you as we are sure they will make changes that require us to change our plan.  In order to make an informed decision you need to know online learning will not look like it did in the spring.  Third-12th grade will be required to be logged on in real time from 8:00-3:00 to see the teacher’s lesson and complete their work.  This is called synchronous learning if you would like to do a little research.  It will not be self paced and students will be expected to follow the same academic rules and standards as face to face students.  PK-2nd grade will follow an asynchronous model in which it will be more flexible and self paced within reason.  All grade levels will be required to be “present” everyday and complete assignments by set deadlines. If you choose online learning, especially parents of younger students, you must make a commitment as the parent to make sure an adult is handy to assist the child in this online format.  When making your choice please know, you will have to stick with that choice for the whole 9 week grading period.  In order to help us plan for success please complete the attached survey as soon as possible and no later than July 26.  Our promise to you is that no matter what format you pick, we will do our best to provide the best education possible for your child while also working hard to keep them safe and healthy.

Parents, please click the link below to submit the survey as soon as you can: